class pyqtgraph.parametertree.ParameterTree(parent=None, showHeader=True)[source]

Widget used to display or control data from a hierarchy of Parameters

__init__(parent=None, showHeader=True)[source]
parent (QWidget) An optional parent widget
showHeader (bool) If True, then the QTreeView header is displayed.
addParameters(param, root=None, depth=0, showTop=True)[source]

Adds one top-level Parameter to the view.

param The Parameter to add.
root The item within the tree to which param should be added. By default, param is added as a top-level item.
showTop If False, then param will be hidden, and only its children will be visible in the tree.

Remove all parameters from the tree.

focusNext(item, forward=True)[source]

Give input focus to the next (or previous) item after item

setParameters(param, showTop=True)[source]

Set the top-level Parameter to be displayed in this ParameterTree.

If showTop is False, then the top-level parameter is hidden and only its children will be visible. This is a convenience method equivalent to:

tree.addParameters(param, showTop)